As a proven solution globally, Industry 4.0 is the future of manufacturing to achieve sustainable growth, control process costs, improve efficiency, better insights, and bring environmental sustainability. The technology provides complete plantwide operations insight, connects multiple manufacturing units in one place, and gives real-time visibility. Better visibility leads to process optimization, and process optimization leads to better growth and efficiency in the system.

AiKairos provides Industry 4.0/Digital Transformation solutions to manufacturing units to provide managers and workers with smooth day-to-day operations to maximize productivity and give true real-time visibility to the top management.

Every organization has different problem areas to tackle and needs a customized approach. Industry 4.0 can be standardized for every use case, the expertise understands the manufacturer's problem statement(s) and curates the digitalization solution to tackle the problem area and minimize manual errors through their toolsets and staff training.

Also, Industrial digital transformation is not limited to the 4 walls of the industry, it also captures the entire supply chain-AiKairos understands industrial dynamics in India and looks for manufacturers keen to kickstart their digitalization projects, with help from MES-trained solution specialists to scale the Industry 4.0 readiness and implement innovative solutions.

Swati Sharma

Enticing the markets with core vision and innovations-

The term Industry 4.0 and technological advancements in the manufacturing industry mostly focuses on adding sensors, co-bots, robots, AI, etc to the premises to increase the production of goods at the lowest cost possible. Still, it is not a sustainable goal, not for the industry and the environment. As sooner or later, existing regulations will get more regulated to push industries to become environmentally sustainable.

Big organizations are capable to become 4.0 compliant and invest in sensors, devices, and comprehensive technologies, which ultimately give visibility into the processes, optimize the process, and cut down carbon footprint from the production process. This is sustainable only until a certain limit, but full sustainability is achieved when the entire product development supply chain is made sustainable. Although it is not an easy milestone to achieve as manufacturers face price competition all the time, and with the product cycle becoming shorter, the challenges for manufacturers are even more. AiKairos believes that if we combine sustainability and industry 4.0, it becomes a powerful combination for a long-term vision.

On the other hand, SMEs and MSMEs have limited budgets, so AiKairos suggest taking the first step forward with our Manufacturing Execution System Arc.lite at zero cost with our support team. Arc.lite gives a kick start to the digital transformation journey of SME/MSMEs to get a peek into their own processes, get all necessary functionalities in one place, get real-time information that brings transparency into the system, and optimize the process accordingly.

An eminent expansion with an outstanding approach-

AiKairos is taking a two-pronged approach, where while we are introducing the Manufacturing Execution System to the manufacturing units, we are also taking up the education in Industry 4.0.

They believe in the importance of education for the next-generation workforce that will lead the development in Industry 4.0, Digital Transformation, and they realized that Industry 4.0  technology lacks awareness, so AiKairos brought a joint Industrial digitalization education program to integrate university students with manufacturers for a joint digital transformation program in India.

Industry 4.0 is an emerging technology gaining traction in India now, and Aikairos have brought in well-prepared technology toolsets. The driving factors are guided by profitability in the entire industrialized world, where Industry 4.0 fits well. Apart from this, for Indian manufacturers to remain competitive in the international market, a realization is dawning upon the owners that digital transformation is imperative to remain competitive and relevant. Aikairos is focused on making an awareness towards sustainable Industry 4.0 implementation that focuses on more production efficiency and keeps a long-term environmentally sustainable vision. This means the digitalized process would be created with a consciousness that evaluates the raw material's origin, Raw materials reusability, the supply chain, the final product's reusability, waste management, and of course, cutting down carbon footprints in the premises.

Planning for the company's next stage of growth-

The company's growth is tightly coupled with the Digital transformation revolution via Industry 4.0. The pandemic has been one of the causes that made many realize that automation is necessary for continued production. With the world opening up after the pandemic, AiKairos expect to see more and more tilt and consciousness towards digitalization of the processes. Our focus shall be on awareness, skill development, and making top management realize that Industry 4.0 is the future for their manufacturing.

AiKairos is looking forward to tying up with more and more firms to run the Industry 4.0 certification courses, thereby spreading the consciousness amongst the young generation and making India future-ready with an appropriately trained workforce. AiKairos's core team members have years of experience heading shipyard operations, workshops, and maintenance services. The team includes OEM team specialists who are always available to provide more complex solutions.

Adhering to the success mantra for sustained growth-

Swati Sharma, Co-Founder | AiKairos Pvt Ltd | Digital Transformation & Sustainability Head, remarked, "Our success lies in our customer's success. " The foremost focus of the company is to bring a digital mindset in India through the awareness programs and give opportunities to the smallest industries to start their digital transformation with Arc.lite MES at no cost and full support in India. While helping bigger manufacturing units with industry 4.0 implementation, connecting all units under one system to give an integrated picture, supply chain integration that helps them optimize and cut down the carbon footprint is a parallel focus.

India's National Manufacturing Policy (NMP) aims to enhance the share of manufacturing in GDP to 25%, and Aikairos firmly believes that Industry 4.0 is the only way to achieve this objective.

Aikairos have positioned themselves at an early stage of this Digital transformation revolution through Industry 4.0 and are sure to grow along with everyone's inevitable journey of Digital transformation. From the sustenance perspective, the drivers within India are many to keep the Digital transformation processes moving, and here, GoI itself is one of the large stakeholders.

The progressing Leader

Ms. Swati Sharma comes from a core software background and cross-vertical experience across multiple sectors like Defence mission-critical real-time software, Retail, Fintech, and industry4.0.

She has worked extensively for Indian Naval R&D projects that are real-time systems. Industry 4.0 is also a real-time system that keeps track of the minute-by-minute progress of the activities at the Premises, connects multiple units under one system, and connects the supply chain, and helps predictive maintenance.

She is committed to make a difference in the manufacturing industry by supporting SMEs, MSMEs, and large-scale manufacturing units to start their digital transformation journey, implementing sustainable I4.0, and upskilling the workforce to help adoption of this new technology in India.