Kamalakanta Behera (Founding Partner)

Urban population has access to top-notch educational institutions with state of art infrastructure and quality instructors. In the case a student wants, he has the liberty to avail private tuitions. However, this doesn’t translate for the rural or semi-urban population. While education is a fundamental right, learners residing in rural India do not have access to quality education and most of the students cannot afford it. There is a clear gap in the system where learners do not have access to experienced faculty.

While farming & agriculture form the backbone of any economy, it is saddening to see how the children of farmers do not have the opportunity to educate themselves in their respective natives. Addressing this problem, Kamalakanta and Kaibalya Vilash, founded Edufication. Edhaut provides quality learning at the cheapest price in comparison to other EdTech companies. The focus of this organization is to bridge the gap between rural students and teachers from top institutions across India.

The pandemic has set the tune for online learning. However, students do not feel confident owing to the effectivity of online class instead of classroom learning and whether the pocket allows one to invest in this mode of learning. Edhaut address both the problems by conducting one to one mentorship at effective prices. The content is available in the rural market in both video and written format.

Kaibalya Vilash(Founding Partner)

“Our vision is to establish a learning ecosystem that fits everyone’s pocket. In one sentence we can say; “Quality Education for All” and connecting rural students which we consider as our large domain; to the world of intellectuals”, says the founding Partner Kaibalya Vilash.

Edhaut can boast of making one learn per day at the cost of a Perk or Munch. While every school-going child is befitted with pocket money of at least 10 rupees, Edufication is providing learning at a cost lower than that. It allows the parents of rural India to dream of seeing their child pursue quality education without shedding extravagantly. Students have detailed concepts of not just every subject but various chapters and topics. With an undeterred mission to make education accessible to Odisha, Edufication aims to bring on board CBSE schools as a part of their future expansion.