The Indian Medical Tourism Industry is growing at 18% CAGR yearly and expected to be worth 9 billion by 2020. Today, the global Medical Tourism Market share has risen to 20% by 2020.  India received a total of 4.95 medical travelers in 2017.

India has moved from 5th place to 3rd place as a preferred medical travel destination. The number of medical travellers has increased in the last four years. People are coming from countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Maldives, Yemen and Kenya for their treatment.

India offers a bouquet of healthcare services at an affordable price to the world. Highly skilled doctors and medical professionals, world class hospital infrastructures, cost effective treatment, personalized care are some of the reasons of the fast growth of Medical Tourism industry in India. Additionally, India is one of the largest English-speaking nation and fastest adoption of technology which also plays a major role.

Mr Amit Sharma, Founder and CEO

eExpedise healthcare is a healthcare company offering quality and affordable medical treatment services to patient travelling to India for Medical Treatment and Surgery. They have over 3000+ hand-picked Hospitals and Clinic across 16 countries offering quality Health & Wellness Care Services at affordable price.

They offer easy, convenient and affordable solutions to patients. Their services have been designed to cater to the needs of patient and attendants visiting India for Medical treatment. The program offers complete solutions and manages the entire life cycle allowing attendant to devote time in taking care of patient.

Amit Sharma is the founder and CEO of the eExpedise Healthcare. As the CEO, he spearheads the management of the group, however, currently he is more focused on healthcare vertical and working on promoting India as Medical & Wellness Tourism Destination across the Globe.

eExpedise Healthcare offers an array of services, namely,

  • An opportunity to make an informed decision by giving light on varied treatment plans and costs from multiple hospitals
  • A dedicated relationship manager to take care of patient needs
  • Assistance at the time of Hospitalization and Discharge
  • Prior consultation with treating doctor over the call or through video conference. Patient can avail the treatment only if he is satisfied with treating doctor or Hospital
  • Case Management through qualified and professional team, to ensure no overbilling and excess charging.
  • In house doctors monitoring the procedures performed & tests conducted by treating doctors to ensure no abuse
  • VISA & travel assistance services

The health & wellness care industry is currently dominated by doctors or agent / medical facilitators, patient today goes to the hospital either recommended by his treating doctor, family & friends or agent. Today patient does not have the convenience to choose or compare the treatment plan or cost other details. He is left with limited choice and end of getting the wrong treatment or paying a higher amount. eExpedise was formed with a view to ensuring transparency, ease and enhance customer experience during the medical treatment lifecycle including the introduction of technology in service delivery process. The organization manages the complete lifecycle of the patient and enables a patient to choose right & quality healthcare provider as per the budget, preference and expertise. The company has designed its product & services in such a way that it works as a one-stop-shop for all medical & healthcare.

The growth of Indian Medical Tourism Industry can be accredited to both government and private players. By making the process simple and seamless along with drafting policies ensuring complete transparency and patient safety, the government is strengthening the cause. For instance, policies such as the introduction of Medical VISA and e-Medical VISA allowing multiple entries and longer stays as per medical conditions have been implemented. Further, the government is actively mandating accreditations to wellness centers and Medical Value Travel (MVT) facilitators.

The country has understood the significance and the immense potential for medical tourism to thrive in the global market. By initiatives such as launching several incentive schemes for healthcare providers and promoting them in international events, an effective public-private partnership is emerging in the sector. This, along with the cost benefits and localized resource advantages, is strengthening India’s position as a high potential hub in the medical tourism market.