Tyke, a Mumbai-based fintech startup, has inflated $1.5 million in pre-seed funding from 9Unicorns, Better Capital, Ratio Ventures, and Venture Catalysts. Angels including Jitendra Gupta, Sweta and Amrish Rau, Varun Mittal, Sandeep Aggarwal, Navin Surya, and Ajay Rajan participated in the round.

Ventured in mid-2021, Tyke leverages software to promote startups to transact and achieve their fundraising digitally and instantly.

“Our vision is to make private investing instant and accessible. We plan to use the funding to build distinguished products for companies to digitize and democratize their fundraise,” Karan Mehra, co-founder, and CEO of Tyke expressed.

Tyke makes raising finance simple and frictionless by eliminating all friction points. Currently, the firm is concentrating on automating private equity investment agreements. Its program allows innovators to build a community around their idea, set parameters, and invite investors to join. It then uses its software to handle the necessary paperwork and signatures and power the fund transfer in real-time.

“The adoption of technology has increased manifolds in the post-pandemic era across sectors, and at an accelerated rate in the financial services landscape. We are very bullish on the fintech sector’s growth potential in India and even more positive about startups creating disruption. Tyke has created a value proposition that simplifies fundraising and makes it seamless. We envisage this as a blue-ocean opportunity in fundraising,” Apoorva Ranjan Sharma, founder, Venture Catalysts Group, remarked.

 Recently, Tyke launched Tyke Analytics - an analytics tool that automates investor reporting by offering them key insights on their investment undertaking. Tyke strives to widen its offerings into distinct asset classes negotiating fixed incomes and debt.