Hero Electric has partnered with Log 9 Materials, a Bengaluru-based advanced battery technology startup, to offer the latter's InstaCharging battery packs for its whole line of electric vehicles.

According to a press statement issued on Tuesday, the Hero e-two-wheelers will be fully charged in 15 minutes thanks to the integration of Log9's RapidX batteries.

According to the company, the company used its cell-to-pack expertise to create batteries that are nine times faster to charge, perform better, and last longer.

According to the statement, the two partners will deploy these batteries in the market through outright sales and battery-as-a-service (BASS) business models, which will allow commercial fleet operators to benefit from the Instacharge battery packs' operational performance at nominal monthly fees.

It's worth noting that Log 9's RapidX batteries have already been tested in several trials with companies including Amazon, Shadowfax, Delhivery, Flipkart, and BykeMania, among others.

Unlike petrol, the charge on an E2W is restricted, resulting in a shorter driving range. According to Sohinder Gill, CEO of Hero Electric, the company released bikes in 2019 with the option of tripling the range.

He claims that all Hero Electric bikes have easily removable batteries and that many of its customers are now charging their portable batteries at work or home.

"Some of the B2B businesses wanted to run the bikes continuously for long hours with a minimal interruption in their delivery operations. It is for such customers that we now offer bikes with the Log9 batteries that can be fast-charged while the driver is having his cup of tea," he said.

"This game-changing association will maximize the returns on the logistics operations of these B2B businesses," added Gill.

The RapidX batteries from Log9 are designed to function in temperatures ranging from -30° to 60° C and have a 10-year operational life.

RapidX batteries are also engineered with safety measures that ensure they do not catch fire or remain safe even in harsh temperatures and demanding charging and driving situations, according to the press release.

"Our InstaCharge batteries on the Hero vehicle platform will provide the power and performance for the B2B last-mile delivery sector and will benefit the cause of reducing operational costs as well as lowering emissions," said Akshay Singhal, founder-CEO, Log 9 Materials.