The society has evolved to have profound and long-term consequences for all the living beings. But if we have to trace back the evolution of the education system, there isn’t much we can speak of. While students enroll at educational institutions to fulfill their learning journey, years of observation shows the poor learning outcomes amongst them. It is clear that something seems to be lacking in the quality of education that is being imparted in schools.

With 15 years of experience in various fields, Jagadish Reddy, Founder & CEO of INschools INDIA, essentially a hands-on professional education and technology, decided to address this problem. He is fueled by the passion towards education and the potential it holds in changing human lives. Jagadish devised a ‘community platform’ that brought the major stakeholders: the schools, parents and teachers together. This platform serves as an instrumental agent encouraging open communication, transparent feedback, and credible ratings and reviews.

Jagadish Reddy (Founder & CEO), INschools India

The COVID-19 caused a disruption in the education industry, making way to the concept of ‘hybrid learning.’ Today, for the consistent learning experience, the classroom-based teaching has to be complemented with online learning. While most of us assumed that students would be back on the benches, the blended learning approach is here to stay. All education providers are striving to achieve the same goal: to engage their students effectively and are turning to technology to help them navigate through the new normal.

Jagadish identifies the core of human character to be built around three specific elements i.e. Humanity, Life Skills followed by Academics. The platform of has imbibed these concepts for the overall development of students. Learning cannot be restricted to classroom, on the contrary, it expands much beyond the classroom. This digital platform allows one the flexibility to learn anytime and anywhere. The area of Humanity on the hybrid learning platform coaches on varied topics every week such as responsibility, respect, honesty, empathy and many other topics.  In accordance with age and interest, students can choose to learn life skills like pottery making, gardening, carpentry, sewing, art, robotics – all of this just under one platform. Students under the academic section will be provided with customized solutions such as student learning tracker, online assessments and other supporting learning materials.

INschools INDIA & hybrid learning together are transforming the how of making career choices and impacting the learning of 21st century. We are excited to see how this initiative unfolds.