Intangles is a leading solutions provider that leverages its proprietary Digital Twin technology to provide predictive insights in real-time for the mobility industry. Intangles’ solution entails the use of proprietary ML algorithms to generate predictive insights on component failure, precise statistics on vehicle performance (fuel consumption, distance, run hours), driving behaviour and automated reports by leveraging geospatial intelligence.  As of today, the Intangles platform monitors 40K+ assets across 10 countries, while on-boarding approximately 500 fleet operators per month and wrangling a staggering 2 Billion sensory data points on a daily basis.

Backed by the revolutionary Digital Twin (DT) technology and Machine Learning paradigms, Intangles has built the largest repository of repair strategies and astute recommendations. The new-age tech pioneer is at the forefront of solving real-world problems of commercial vehicle fleets by allowing them to monitor, benchmark, and conduct predictive maintenance of assets to enhance their overall uptime & profitability. 

Established in 2016, Intangles was conceptualized by Anup Patil, Jayashri Patil, Neil Unadkat and Aman Singh, bringing in their own individual expertise. Initially, the company employed location-based intelligence to provide remote diagnostics. Amid the ongoing evolution of technology, in 2017, Intangles started building algorithms based on the data received from its cutting-edge proprietary technology. Which enabled the company to devise innovative solutions for component level predictive analytics. By 2020, the company had built an algorithm for optimising diagnostics pertaining to air intake and after-treatment systems. The team at Intangles is currently developing a smart fleet management system that will facilitate enhanced route planning, trips, schedules, service reminders, and driver scorecards. 

Headquartered in Pune,  Intangles offers state-of-the-art predictive analytics to assess vehicle-related parameters, including health monitoring, fuel and AdBlue pilferage analysis, driving behavior analysis, and electric vehicle analytics. Focusing on vehicle health parameters, Intangles offers a user-friendly platform where one can easily access necessary information related to potential fault codes in vehicles, whether minor, major, or critical. Along with faults, the company’s proprietary predictive algorithms coupled with Machine Learning helps fleet operators to conduct preventive and proactive maintenance, ensuring the vehicles stay healthy. To date, the company has one patent under its belt, and three more are in the pipeline.

Redefining the mobility ecosystem with Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and predictive analytics, Intangles provides smart solutions to varied customer segments. The services provided by the brand are gradually leading to large-scale adoption by industries across original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), fleet and logistics, electric vehicles (EVs), semi-conductors, and enterprises including oil and gas corporations, component suppliers, FinTech, etc. Some of the existing clients include Mahindra, Maruti Suzuki, RedBus, Greaves Cotton, and many more.  

In the recent past, the brand entered into strategic partnerships with large enterprises, including Intel, British Petroleum and Rand McNally, to name a few. 

Since its inception, Intangles has grown immensely in the mobility industry, with over 5,000+ customers and 10+ enterprise partners. The company witnessed a 10X revenue growth from FY19 to FY22, with a 40% recurring revenue. Scaling up its operations, the company is rapidly expanding its footprint in South East Asia, North America, Asia-Pacific (APAC), and the Middle East. Moving forward, the brand aims to be the de facto predictive health monitoring solution of OEMs in India by the next year and globally in the upcoming five years. 

Anup Patil-Chief executive officer (CEO), Intangles

Anup Patil is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Intangles, a leading solution provider that leverages its proprietary Digital Twin technology to provide real-time and predictive insights for the mobility industry. A visionary and a first-generation entrepreneur, Mr. Anup Patil spearheads the company’s Strategy, Finance, and People. He also nurtures Intangles' growth by mapping its vision and aligning it with resources, performance, and accountability across the board.

An enthusiast of technology and science, Anup pursued his Masters in Material Science and Engineering from Clemson University, South Carolina. He also published his research on ‘Conductive Polymers and Crown Ether-based Li-Ion batteries for space applications in the Journal of the American Chemical Society (JACS). In 2008, Anup co-founded Tavisca Solutions, a leading travel tech company with a team size of over 300+. The company was acquired in 2018 by CXLoyalty, a USD 1 Billion loyalty and customer engagement solutions firm. Inspired to solve the real-world problems of commercial vehicles with smart solutions, Anup laid the groundwork for Intangles in 2016.

Five years down the line, he envisions Intangles’ ongoing development of AI-based chip solutions to be the de facto predictive analytics solution, integrated with every commercial and passenger vehicle on the planet.

In his free time, Anup likes to read books and travel. As a tech enthusiast, he is fond of exploring new gadgets and cars, and helping his kids hone their cricket skills.