Decoding the Cutting-Edge No-Code Platform is a ground-breaking Ai-Powered No-Code Platform that enables enterprises, citizen developers, and stakeholders across multiple departments to develop their enterprise solutions in no time. This trailblazing platform empowers organizations in the supply chain, grant management, field service management, QC & other major industries to build, deploy, operate & manage end-to-end technology solutions.

The team behind understands the complexities associated with software development and deployment. To simplify and streamline this process, comes with a completely visual, easy-to-use drag & drop builder to create custom applications on-the-go. 

These intuitive tools can be easily leveraged by professionals as well as laymen to quickly build and deploy industry-specific enterprise-grade solutions in a few minutes!

Our goal is to help enterprises develop at speed with low costs & zero dependencies” – Aditya Ranjan Sinha Roy, CEO, isn’t just limited to simplifying enterprise development. The cutting-edge platform comes with a host of easy-to-use data analytics and business intelligence solutions that enables stakeholders to extract data-driven insights, take data-driven decisions, & obtain data-rich rankings of various business processes.

For most enterprises, automation is the need of the hour. Natifi’s team understands these innovative requirements and has incorporated the ability to automate workflows, data management, and identity management into the no-code platform. These inbuilt solutions help streamline automation, eliminate bottlenecks, and optimize business processes. 

“ is helping large organizations and growth-focused companies build Intelligent Enterprise Solutions and leverage them to enhance business processes, cut operational expenses, save thousands of manual work hours and skyrocket growth!”

Democratizing Development for Enterprises

Software development is incredibly expensive, time-consuming, and requires a great deal of technical knowledge.

Natifi's CEO- Aditya Ranjan Sinha Roy, remarks, " Our vision is to make enterprise development less technical thereby democratizing technology. That, I believe, is what is all about. " enables organizations to create web and mobile applications without worrying about infrastructure, deployments, or scalability. leverages cloud-computing capabilities that enable stakeholders to seamlessly store and manage data on the cloud. With industry-standard security practices, user & identity management, all the proprietary company & application data is secured.

Natifi’s no-code platform also comes with IoT and AI capabilities which help logistics, shipping, and manufacturing companies amongst others to obtain real-time data about complete goods, supply chain, etc. They leverage this crucial information to carry out timely corrective & preventive actions, eliminate bottlenecks, and maximize productivity.

With cutting-edge business intelligence solutions, AI & automation capabilities enterprises can achieve a whole lot more at lower costs when compared to traditional development tools.

The Future is No-Code

In this fast-paced digital age and a challenging global economy coupled with the effects of the pandemic, there is constant pressure to achieve more with less. This is driving more & more organizations to change their age-old beliefs & perspectives and adopt no-code development platforms that accelerate development & time to market.

These platforms are helping teams quickly build business-specific & process-specific applications within minutes and use them to solve various technology bottlenecks and make a difference to business results. 

With the no-code approach, organizations can seamlessly innovate without having to gain expertise in coding. These path-breaking platforms enable enterprises to accelerate application development and foster citizen development by bringing in more people with varied skillsets into software/application development.

Leading studies suggest that more & more organizations will shift to hyper-agile structures to accelerate business application development. poses as the ideal platform for all these organizations who want to cut development costs, accelerate development, optimize processes and drive growth!

The CEO-Aditya Ranjan Sinha Roy believes, " Software development requirements are on the rise. Enterprise Development is something that organizations will want to simplify in the years to come. Natifi’s innovative no-code capabilities coupled with a wide range of industry-specific features will cater to the ever-increasing needs of these enterprises. "