While lakhs of students are graduating every year, only about 46.21 per cent students were found employable or ready to take up jobs in 2019 and 47.38 per cent in 2018, according to the India Skills Report 2019-20. If you look at the numbers, it makes you wonder, what is going wrong that even 50 percent graduates cannot fit in any organization given thousands of job vacancies and recruitment drives. Approximately 10 % of the recent graduates in India have the knowledge of the academic syllabus and that is also obtained with the purpose of it being reproduced in the paper for obtaining marks. Most of these millennials are not aware of what exactly is required for the industry if they want to develop a career by securing a job. While to pursue anything, one needs to ask themselves the fundamental questions, with these graduated they lack the sense of “What to do” and “Why to do”.


What one needs to take cognizance of is the fact there is a difference between employment and employability. While employment means getting any job, employability is getting the job one intends to do. In order to arrive at this, individuals must know about his/her liking or to be precise their skills. In today’s world, degrees are a necessity but not sufficient enough to get you your desired job. These degrees need to be complemented with the desired skill sets. Attaining a distinguished set of skill sets, requires job role focused knowledge, realtime industry led practice, and continious industry mentoring.

SKILLEDGE is one of the very few Ed-Tech companies in India that prepares Non-Tier I students pursuing engineering, graduation or post-graduation for new age fresher carrier ready in one platform. It fundamentally works with students on three verticals namely Technology, Core Engineering and Business Management. The structure of SKILLEDGE is simple where the platform provides only that specific knowledge which will help students crack interviews and be job ready. This platform operates on a 3-level mechanism where students are coached on case studies, rigorous simulations around practices from the industry led exercises are conducted and projects and tutorials are provided to students. SKILLEDGE believes in providing live online classes that allows the student to have the same experience as the offline classes. While SKILLEDGE is successfully running 6 courses in total, they are developing other 2 in pipeline for student benefit.

SKILLEDGE has identified the loopholes owing to which a student fails to crack interviews. The first cause is lack of job role focus knowledge, the second one being no practical knowledge followed by third and most important millennial behaviour. The mentors have gauged that students are not able to interact and even if they do, they are very fragile. With the aim of making a student ready for day 1 job, they provide the knowledge that is necessary for day 1 job coupled with continuous practice and mentoring. This platform is unique because of the world class faculty it has onboard and the way its content is delivered to job seekers. SKILLEDGE is all set to launch its own app in the weeks to come. The content is also available in vernacular language at affordable prices which makes the courses accessible to many. This platform only requests payment from students after they get the job!

Rohit Ghosh, Founder of SKILLEDGE concludes saying “Ed-Tech was already existing but with the current situation Ed-Tech is the new e-commerce of India. I firmly believe the Ed-Tech industry is evolving and will evolve more and more to bring the offline experience into online mode by using technology and that is going to be the challenge and opportunity. As far as students are concerned, I think it is one of the best times to learn because of the evolution of the entire industry.