In conversation with Indian Insights, Ms Sperdha Verma told us about her adventures as the first woman Entrepreneur who began India’s 1st fashion social networking site with eCommerce features.

Sperdha Verma, Director of Spaising Technologies LLP, renders web & mobile development services to their clients and homegrown products.

Sperdha pursued her BTech in Textile Technologies from NIT Jalandhar and did her master’s in computer science from the UK. She was always passionate about fashion and a big-time fashion enthusiast and wanted to create a platform for similar-minded people. 

Sperdha Verma

After working for more than 15 years in the software industry in many countries like India, the UK, and the US, she returned to India, initiated her startup, followed her passion for fashion, and created a product named “Stylesters” – Your Style Your Right.

Coming from a middle class and after heaps of struggles that every middle class in India does, only a few can fulfill their dream. Sperdha says, “I am the 1st engineer in my family and 1st woman who has done masters from a foreign country. I consider my parents my biggest support and backbone of mine. At their time after having two daughters, they bore unkind societal pressure to have a son, however, my parents denied and answered that our girls are better than sons. They were kind of rebels of their times and I think I got this eternal determination for the right things from them. What I am today is because of their hard work and well wishes. “ 

“Stylesters” is India’s 1st Fashion Social Networking Site with eCommerce features where users can add their collections, create different looks by a simple drag n drop, show their styling skills and sell or buy clothes, add or suggest your requirements.

The main intention of having this application is to form the bridge between fashion designers, stylists, sellers, retailers and fashion lovers. In this platform, small to medium-scale fashion designers, resellers, etc., can sell their collections directly to fashion lovers and suggest different looks. Fashion lovers like college students can share and use other collections to form their looks too.

On this platform, users can also add their requirements and ask for suggestions from people. It is so simple that users can suggest different looks in one click using drag n drop features. For example: If one user is looking for styling a shirt of their own, they can go and add the picture of their shirt and then other users can suggest to them what goes best with that shirt look. It is the best marketing tool for sellers or designers to showcase their collections and directly target buyers.

Via this product, we are also trying to make a directory of retailers, manufacturers, resellers, fashion designers and fashion lovers to search and connect with them. Overall, our main aim is to have all fashion-related stuff in one place and make this app more vocal for the locals. This app is completely free for everyone, and anyone who loves fashion can explore it. Also, each user gets their unique profile or a website and can share this page with anyone. If you are a seller in Stylesters, you are getting your free eCommerce website where you can get the traffic of buyers directly. 

What are you waiting for? If you love fashion, come and explore it and start adding your collections and create different looks using your or other people's collections.


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