What is OTT media?

The OTT media was showing its services from the year 2011 and was primarily started by The ‘Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission at the United States Federal Communications Commission. ‘OTT is described as an over the top’ and it was offered directly to the viewers through the help of an internet connection. The phrase ‘OTT’ is associated with subscription-based video on demand that offers permissions to the original content of film and television. These types of media are usually called streaming television where the signal is received via the internet through a cell phone network. The access is mainly controlled by the video distributor through an app or an OTT connection, attached either to a PC, smartphone, or smart television set.

Initially from the year 2018 various forms of OTT players showed up such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+Hotstar, Hulu, and HBO Max. Netflix, Amazon prime, and Disney+Hotstar are popular video streaming platform which has various ranges of price to offer to the spectators of these media. These popular streaming platforms refresh their content every week. Be it the evergreen sitcom or other great TV shows of all time, popular movies, these OTT platforms have a huge library to explore among them.


It is one of the oldest American OTT platform launched in the year 1997 and has headquarters in California, US. It was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolf. It is not only a streaming media but also focuses on film distribution and television production. During the year of middle 2019 and early 2020, it took the hot seat in India, and almost every month it keeps its viewers engaged and entertained by bringing up new content which includes Hindi and American English Content on every week. It was said that Netflix is one of the dominating OTT platforms nowadays with the highest subscribers ever. It offers a total of four plans with the cheap one costing Rs 199 a month. But, its premium plan is considered to be the best of all the plans because it offers its observers an HDR resolution and access to phones, tablets, and a pc with a minimum of 5 viewers at the same time and it costs Rs 799 per month.

Amazon Prime

It is also one of the leading and paid subscription programs, available in various countries where it has a variety of original content including Hindi content, Hollywood TV shows, and also there are variety of cartoons for children. It contains three different plans of which the most popular plan is the Quarterly plan of RS 329 per month up to 4K HDR and accesses up to three viewers at the same time. Amazon has a user-friendly price in India of RS 129 per month along with the benefits of free delivery of items when buying from Amazon.in. and offers 4K HDR, phone, pc, TV access to at least three viewers at a time.


It is an Indian brand of subscription video-on-demand which is owned by Star Media and operated mainly by The Walt Disney Company. Initially, it was introduced as Hotstar as a streaming platform for India’s local networks including television series, live sports, and original Programmes. However, from the year 2020, it was co-branded with Disney and mainly it presents the content brands of Walt Disney and Pixar Marvel Studios with the channel of National Geographic alongside. This platform is also broadcasting Srilankan and Indian Cricket Tournament. It has two types of plans one is VIP another is Premium plan. The premium plan is preferably more suitable because it costs Rs 299 per month and RS 1499 per year with 4K Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision to at least two users.