Setting Artificial Intelligence for Business Growth is India's first all-in-one common data intelligence platform for the physical world. Access the most comprehensive and granular location data insights through Alternative Data for business growth.
Through's enterprise-wide SaaS platform and API tools, businesses can focus on doing what they do best while help in proper expansion, operational efficiency and revenue growth.

With's oriented offline-online marketing & sales strategies, businesses can attract competitors' market share while enforcing more intelligent budget allocation. Throughout the industries and markets, has observed diverse business leaders across most domains targeting a scarcity of critical and updated data sources. believes that even if some trends are available, they are primarily expensive or not very easy to access. With such a belief, aims to bring innovations in securing access to the right data sets, a building block for better making intelligent business decisions.

Enhancing the Approaches for Flourishing Markets

The approach taken by is to create a solution for the first 20 main cities in India ranked by population. This is where the majority of the company's operations are aimed at making life easier. By enabling these places very soon, maybe within a year, the company plans to expand regionally and add some of these data points to its platform.
The company wants India to be a part of their platform. Any company could inquire about any site for information about some of the industries it deals with or is looking to enter as an electric mobility company.

Many charging stations are being installed today, and placing them in the proper location should be convenient. With this goal in mind, assists several businesses in determining and making the best decisions possible. is looking for a retail chain that is expanding or trying to open new shops in tier two or tier three cities, and we believe their solution would be quite helpful there.

Vivek, the CEO & Founder of, remarked, " You can start getting these insights from day one, extracting these data points essential for your business to make people's lives very, very simple. And then that is what we are trying. "

Adhering to the Mantra for a Sustained Growth believes in being at the forefront of innovation. That is the mantra that it follows. With cost-effective solutions, provides a great experience to their customers, solve their problems carefully, understands it, and builds solutions on top of it, all while keeping things simple. Instead of focusing on keywords and popular gists, the company focuses on customer concerns and then pushes forward.

The founder discovers that establishing data authenticity or the data's degree of trust is quite challenging. performs several internal tests to improve data quality and increase the solutions' functionality. provides a cutting-edge API-first product that is designed to serve clients efficiently. The goal is to provide organizations with a simple software as a service platform to log in to a cloud and begin receiving data. With such accessible solutions, the cost component is reduced by 30 to 40%, seeing their innovation.