Bill Cosby once said. ‘In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.’ This axiom by Cosby is true for the candidates who are preparing for various competitive exams. In India, every year around 2.8 million students sit to secure a seat in a college or university of their choice. While, there is rigorous coaching provided to students to enhance their logical and quantitative ability, a lot of students get stuck in clearing the English section thereby lowering their overall scores.

Bishnu Acharya (Founder), VocabGuru

Bishnu Acharya, the founder of VocabGuru faced similar challenges when he intended to pursue his education by clearing competitive exams. He could establish the need for clear and engaging solutions for English in order to help students ace competitive exams. Here is when, VocabGuru - a unique learning platform enabling students to ‘Learn English the Smart Way’ was incepted.  With more than 92000 students registered with the app and a star rating of 4.8, this app is set out to make some noise in empowering students.

Competitive exams and professional space have evolved multifold over the years. In order to clear these nerve-cracking exams, it is imperative for one to have a firm grip of English and be able to implement the correct usage. VocabGuru allows students to streamline the process of learning English with fun. Professionals will also be able to address various issues owing to an integrated experience of meeting their English learning requirement needs. Their courses span across GRE, CAT, Government Job preparation, Bank exams and even English learning for school and colleges students. To top it all, the courses are priced at affordable rates so as to allow maximum students to benefit.

“I have faced challenges during my initial days and I knew students like me will be facing the same challenge for English and personality development. I have a very close attachment with education and I believe the literacy rate should go high in India compared to the rest of the countries. I believe a country can do good overall when the education system is doing good,” says Bishnu Acharya, founder of VocabGuru.

It is a huge market of approximately $10 billion and projected to grow at 20 % YoY reaching around $28 billion by 2026. With the Covid-19 hit, while it has impacted several businesses, it gave a good boost to the Ed-Tech market. People have already adapted to online learning and EdTech platforms because everyone wants to learn at their own convenience with flexibility. While Tier II and Tier III cities still have accessibility to educators and learning material, a lot of the rural and semi-urban population does not have the privilege to go to offline and traditional tuition classes. With the pandemic striking India, Edtechs are now the new marketplace for learning. The founders are grounded to a firm belief that VocabGuru will pretty much be everyone’s go-to English app in the context of the current Edtech industry in the country.

As part of expansion, VocabGuru, is launching courses in multiple local languages. They intend to implement artificial intelligence and machine learning into their programs to provide customized solutions for their users as well as live sessions connecting teachers to students across the globe. Working with Indian students has also set forth a vision of connecting with foreign students to expand the learning curve globally.

As a passionate entrepreneur, the message that the founder would like to give out to other entrepreneurs is to persist the long journey of entrepreneurship. He believes people should be fond of the journey rather than waiting to taste success. An entrepreneur’s journey is nothing short of a movie that is filled with excitement and new challenges every day. He concludes saying, -“Keep up the hard work and have patience, things will fall the right way.”